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About us

Alabama ABLE is a savings program, offered by the State of Alabama Treasurer’s Office, which seeks to encourage and assist individuals and families in saving to support qualified people with disabilities in order to maintain their health, independence and quality of life.

Alabama ABLE wants to provide secure funding for disability-related expenses on behalf of designated beneficiaries with disabilities that will supplement, not supplant, benefits provided through private insurance, the Medicaid program under Title XIX of the Social Security Act, the Supplemental Security Income program under Title XVI of the Social Security Act, the beneficiary's employment, and any other source. 

By increasing access to financial stability, ABLE increases access to health, independence, and a greater quality of life for Alabamians with disabilities. 

What does the Alabama ABLE Savings Plan offer?

The Alabama ABLE Savings Plan offers individuals with a disability a way to save without impacting resource-based benefits. The plan has low fees, varied investment options, easy enrollment, online account management, and more!

A message from our Treasurer Young Boozer

State Treasurer Young Boozer

As State Treasurer, I am devoted to ensuring Alabama’s disability community has the opportunity to obtain financial stability. Through Alabama ABLE Savings Plan, we are achieving that vision.

Alabama ABLE Savings Plan is designed to best serve the disability community’s needs, goals, and dreams for the future. It is the only account that allows you to save without jeopardizing benefits from Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, and other federal or state programs.

We are proud to offer this financial product to eligible Alabamians and know it will make a significant impact on their lives. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the Alabama ABLE Savings Plan – give us a call!