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Can I open and/or manage more than one Alabama ABLE account?

Each beneficiary can have only one ABLE account open at a time, but it can be connected to one or more bank accounts. 

An Authorized Legal Representative (ALR) can open and manage multiple accounts for beneficiaries.

How do I manage different bank accounts with multiple beneficiaries?

If you are managing ABLE accounts for more than one beneficiary, you can use the same banking information on multiple accounts. The bank account has to be added to each plan account individually.

Can someone else access my account?

To keep the account safe, don’t share your password or let someone else have access to your account, unless they are the Authorized Legal Representative (ALR). If you want to add, change, or remove the ALR for the account, we have forms to help you with the process.

Who owns the account?

The account is owned by the beneficiary, regardless of whether they opened the account, or it’s managed by an Authorized Legal Representative (ALR). The funds in the account belong to the beneficiary.

Do I use the same login information if I manage multiple ABLE accounts?

Yes. You have one username (email) and password to log in to all of the Alabama ABLE accounts you manage.

Are there age restrictions to open an account?
An adult beneficiary can open an account for themselves. If a beneficiary is under the age of 19, they must have an Authorized Legal Representative (also known as an ALR) do it for them. An ALR must attest that they have been selected by the beneficiary with legal capacity, are designated as the... Read more
Can a Social Security Representative Payee open an account for a beneficiary?
Yes. To have a Representative Payee open an account for you, they must meet the requirements of an Authorized Legal Representative (anyone who is selected by the eligible beneficiary with legal capacity, anyone who has Power of Attorney, a conservator or legal guardian, or a spouse, parent,... Read more
Who can open an ABLE account?
ABLE accounts can be opened for eligible U.S. citizens and legal residents living in any state in the United States, regardless of whether the state has an ABLE program.  An adult beneficiary with a qualifying disability can open and manage an Alabama ABLE account or have an Authorized Legal... Read more