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Are there any fees associated with the card?
There are no transaction fees with the ABLE Visa® Prepaid Card. You’re only charged a $1.25 monthly fee once you’ve activated your card.* Please note that the monthly fee is charged every month, regardless of how often you use — or don’t use — the card. *Other fees, terms, and conditions apply.... Read more
What is a prepaid card?
A prepaid card is very much like a reloadable gift card. Simply put, you add funds to a prepaid card and then use it to make purchases — either online or in-store.  With an ABLE Prepaid Card, you can: Make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted Add funds from your ABLE account and... Read more
Is money on the prepaid card counted as an asset for benefits?

Just like the funds in your ABLE account, the funds on your ABLE Visa® Prepaid Card do not count as assets for state or federal benefits.

How do I sign up for a card?
In just a few steps you can sign up to receive an ABLE Visa® Prepaid Card. After you’ve registered, it takes about 6-8 business days to receive your card in the mail. For any subsequent cards, you may opt to pay for expedited shipping, which takes 2-4 business days. Then, once your card is... Read more
How do I load the card?
The ABLE Visa® Prepaid Card offers a convenient way for beneficiaries and Authorized Legal Representatives (also known as ALRs) to spend funds from their ABLE accounts. Here’s how to fund your ABLE Visa Prepaid Card: Log in to your account at  Once you’ve logged in, initiate... Read more
How often can I reload the card?

There is no limit to the number of times you can reload your card on a given day or month; however, withdrawals from the ABLE account to any ABLE cards may not exceed $5,000 per day and $20,000 per month.

Can I move money from the card back into my account?

No. Once money is moved from your account onto your ABLE Visa® Prepaid Card, it cannot be moved back into your ABLE account.

What can I use the card for? Can it be used for automatic, recurring charges?
You can use your prepaid card anywhere Visa cards are accepted, including online bill-pay. Your card can be used for a number of everyday living expenses geared toward improving your health, independence, and quality of life. The list includes, but is not limited to: Recurring charges like living... Read more