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Find more information about the Alabama ABLE Savings Plan below, and share these resources with people in your community


Interested in learning more about the Alabama ABLE Savings Plan? Use these helpful resources to discover more about the plan and how to set up an account. 

About Alabama ABLE

From eligibility and ownership to features and qualified expenses, this brochure provides important information about the Alabama ABLE program. Plus, you can find our contact information, should you need help along the way.

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Alabama ABLE Benefits

Download this for a summary of the ABLE program, who’s eligible, what qualifies as a disability benefit, the tax advantages of gifting, and more.

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How to Open an Account

Use this step-by-step guide to sign up and set up an Alabama ABLE Savings Plan, in less than 10 minutes. 

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Who Can Contribute to Your Account

From contributing regular payments to setting up a gifting page so friends and family can help, this download will explain who can add money to your Alabama ABLE Savings plan account. 

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Who Should Manage My Account

This PDF provides a series of questions designed to help you decide the person you’ll choose to manage your Alabama ABLE account. Remember that this decision is yours.

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