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How do I load the card?
The ABLE Visa® Prepaid Card offers a convenient way for beneficiaries and Authorized Legal Representatives (also known as ALRs) to spend funds from their ABLE accounts. Here’s how to fund your ABLE Visa Prepaid Card: Log in to your account at  Once you’ve logged in, initiate... Read more
How often can I reload the card?

There is no limit to the number of times you can reload your card on a given day or month; however, withdrawals from the ABLE account to any ABLE cards may not exceed $5,000 per day and $20,000 per month.

Can I move money from the card back into my account?

No. Once money is moved from your account onto your ABLE Visa® Prepaid Card, it cannot be moved back into your ABLE account.

What can I use the card for? Can it be used for automatic, recurring charges?
You can use your prepaid card anywhere Visa cards are accepted, including online bill-pay. Your card can be used for a number of everyday living expenses geared toward improving your health, independence, and quality of life. The list includes, but is not limited to: Recurring charges like living... Read more
Where can I use the card?

The ABLE Visa® Prepaid Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, both online and in-store.

Does the card have any fraud protection or security features?
Yes. Once you receive your ABLE Visa® Prepaid Card, you can log in and set up customized restrictions on certain spending categories. You can also turn on text message alerts to notify you of a range of activity on your ABLE Visa Prepaid Card.* *Standard text message rates, fees, and charges may... Read more
Help. My card was stolen. How do I cancel my card?
If your card is lost or stolen, please deactivate the card immediately to protect against fraud and prevent additional transactions. You can deactivate the card online, through the 24/7 automated phone system (1-888-219-9054), or by speaking with their Customer Support team at (1-844-276-4547)... Read more
I don’t want a card anymore. How can I cancel it?
If you would like to cancel your card, contact True Link at 1-888-219-9054 or visit Please do not allow others to use an expired, revoked, canceled, suspended, or otherwise invalid card. If True Link cancels or suspends your card account privileges through no fault... Read more
How do I set limits on my card?
The card administrator can customize where the card can and can’t be used to make purchases, and settings can be adjusted to allow or block categories of spending and even block specific vendors. You can update the settings at any time by logging in to your ABLE Card administrator dashboard at... Read more